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Maniac Magee Study Guide Answers...

Hello 6th Grade!

Below are the answers to your study guide questions for Maniac Magee.  Check your answers against these and make corrections, as needed.  If you have any questions, please let me know.  :-)

Happy Reading!
Mrs. Murphy

Chapters 22-26
  1. Where was Maniac living?
    • He was living in the buffalo pen at the Elmwood Park Zoo.
  2. Who found Maniac?  Where did they go?  What did they do?
    • Grayson, the park attendant, found Maniac living on the ground outside the pen.  He took Maniac to the baseball equipment room in the empty band shell.  Grayson got some food for Maniac, and then Maniac told him his story.  Then Maniac went with Grayson in the truck to get some Butterscotch Krimpets.
  3. What did they do after Grayson bought the Krimpets?
    • Grayson took Maniac to his home at the Twin Mills YMCA, and got him a shower.  Then he took Maniac shopping and bought him some clothes.
  4. Where did Maniac say he wanted to stay?
    • He said he wanted to stay in the locker room at the band shell.
  5. Grayson asked Maniac about school.  What was Maniac's answer?
    • He said he did not want to go to school.  He did not tell Grayson why, but he thought that he did not want to have school if he did not have a home.  He told Grayson he would run away if Grayson tried to make him go to school.
  6. What kind of questions did Grayson ask Maniac?
    • He asked questions about the way the black people in the East End lived.  He wanted to know what they ate, if they brushed their teeth, and if they drank out of the same glass in the bathroom.
  7. What did Grayson invite Maniac to do, and what was Maniac's reply?
    • Grayson invited Maniac to stay with him at the YMCA, but Maniac said he wanted to stay at the band shell.
  8. What did Maniac discover about Grayson's past?
    • Grayson had been a minor league baseball player.
  9. How did Maniac and Grayson begin spending their afternoons?
    • Maniac would go with Grayson and help hm repair fences around the park.  Grayson told baseball stories and fed Maniac.  Grayson began giving Maniac instructions on how to play baseball.
  10. How was Maniac keeping up with his education?
    • He used the money Grayson gave him for Krimpets, and bought used books at the library.  Every morning he read and studied.
  11. What did Grayson ask Maniac to do?
    • Grayson asked Maniac to teach him to read.
Chapters 27-32

  1. Maniac taught Grayson to read.  When did they work?  What kind of books did he use?  What was difficult, and what was easy for Grayson?
    • Grayson took the mornings off to study.  They bought children's books at the library book sale.  They bought a small blackboard and chalk at Woolworth's.  Grayson learned the alphabet in three days.  He read ten one-syllable words the first week.  In a few more weeks he could sound out new words.  They consonants were easy, but the vowels were difficult.
  2. What was the first book Grayson read?  How did Maniac react?
    • The book was The Little Engine That Could.  Maniac said, "A-men."  Then they hugged.  Maniac served corn muffins and apple juice.  Maniac invited Grayson to spend the night, and he did.
  3. How was the room different than when Maniac first moved in?
    • It had some furniture, a toaster oven, a space heater, dishes, and was looking homey.
  4. How did Maniac and Grayson spend Thanksgiving?
    • They went to the high school football game.  After that, they cooked a chicken in Maniac's toaster oven.  Maniac said a prayer.  Then they listened and danced to Grayson's polka records.
  5. What did Maniac do with the paint?
    • He used brown paint to put the numerals 101 on the outside of the door.
  6. What did they do at Christmas?  Where was Grayson living?
    • Grayson had moved in with Maniac.  They decorated the room, and put up a tree.  They also trimmed a tree in the woods.
  7. What did they do on Christmas Day?  What presents did they give each other?
    • In the morning, they visited their decorated tree in the woods.  Then they visited the animals in the zoo.  Maniac gave the baby buffalo a scarf.  Maniac gave Grayson a pair of gloves, a scarf, and a book.  The book was titled The Man Who Struck Out Willie Mays, by Jeffrey L. Magee.  Grayson gave Maniac a box of Butterscotch Krimpets, a new baseball, and his own glove.
  8. What did Maniac do when he discovered Grayson was dead?
    • He held Grayson's hand and talked to him.  He read aloud all the books Grayson had read.  That night, he put his chest protectors next to Grayson's cot, lay down, and cried.  The next day he told the zookeeper.
  9. Describe the funeral.
    • Maniac was the only person there besides the pallbearers and the man from the funeral home.  He ran away before the minister got there.
Chapters 33-37
  1. Where did Maniac go?  What did he do?  What did he eat?
    • He took a few things from the band shell and painted over the numerals.  He ran all over the area.  At night he slept at the zoo, in abandoned cars, garages, or stairwells.  He ate at the zoo or in the soup kitchens.
  2. What happened whenever he crossed the bridge over the Schuylkill River?
    • He turned his eyes away from the P&W trestle.  He still thought about his parents being killed when the train went into the water.
  3. What did Maniac do at Valley Forge?
    • He stayed in one of the old Revolutionary War cabins.  He was waiting for death.
  4. Whom did Maniac meet at Valley Forge?  What did he convince them to do?  What did he discover about them?
    • He met two little boys, Piper and Russell.  They were brothers who were running away to Mexico.  Maniac convinced them to go home by offering them a free pizza and telling them he would tell them a short cut to Mexico on the next day.  When they got near Cobble's he found out that their older brother was John McNab.
  5. Describe the McNab house.
    • It was smelly and dirty.  The dog had relieved itself on the floor.  There were cans, bottles, and garbage all over.  There was a partially dissected bird on the kitchen table.  The only foods in the refrigerator were beer and mustard.
  6. Russel and Piper told Maniac they were getting ready to shoot at the enemy.  Who was the enemy?
    • The enemy was the black people in the East End.
  7. What deals did Maniac make with Russel and Piper?  Did it work?  Why or why not?
    • The first week, he told them he would show them the way to Mexico on Saturday if they would go to school all week.  The next week he offered them a pizza if they went to school for that week.  The little kids started asking them to have Maniac undo sneaker knots.  the boys began feeling important.  The next week they asked Maniac to stay in Finsterwald's yard for ten minutes.  Maniac did, then offered to knock on the front door.  He did, and the boys went to school for two more weeks.
  8. What were some of Maniac's heroic feats?
    • He hit a telephone pole with a stone 61 times in a row.  he ran on one rail and beat the train.  He stuck his hand and arm into a mysterious hole.  He climbed the fence at the bison pen and kissed the baby buffalo.
  9. How did Maniac feel about these feats?
    • He understood that he was doing them to keep the McNab boys in school.  He also enjoyed meeting their challenges.
  10. What was the most perilous challenge?
    • They dared him to go into the East End.
Chapters 38-41
  1. Describe the race.  Who was in it?  Who won?  How did the winner feel?  How did the loser feel?
    • Mars Bar greeted Maniac when he was about four blocks into the East End.  He showed Maniac his new sneakers and challenged him to a race.  Maniac won the race.  He turned around at the last minute to look at Mars Bar, and won the race going backwards.  The crowd went wild.  Maniac was upset.  He was not sure why he did it.  Mars Bar complained that Maniac had cheated, and that the kids holding the thread had moved it.
  2. Where did Maniac go after the race?  What happened there?
    • He went to the Beales' house.  They were all glad to see him.  He spent the night and left early the next morning.
  3. What were the McNabs building, and why?
    • They were building a pillbox.  They thought the blacks in the East End were going to revolt, and they wanted to be ready for it.
  4. Where did Maniac go that night?
    • He went to the Pickwell house for dinner.
  5. Why did he leave the McNab's house?
    • He did not have any influence left over the boys.  They told him to leave, and he did.
  6. Maniac went back for Piper's birthday party, and took a guest.  Who was the guest?  Why did Maniac bring him?
    • The guest was Mars Bar Thompson.  Maniac thought it was a good idea because the blacks and the whites did not know much about each other.
  7. Describe dinner at the Pickwell house that same night.  Who were the extra guests?  How did the family react?
    • Maniac and Mars Bar had dinner at the Pickwell house before they went to the party.  They were welcomed.  Mars Bar was pleased to find out that he was famous in the West End.
  8. What did one of the guests do when the two of them go ready to cross Marshall Street?
    • When they came to Marshall Street, Mars Bar did his famous shuffle.  He stood in the middle of the street and glared at everyone for a minute.
  9. How did Maniac's guest feel when they got to the party?
    • He was uneasy.
Chapters 42-46
  1. What present did Maniac take for Piper, and under what conditions could he have it?
    • He took a compass.  He told Piper he could have the compass if both boys went to school every day until the school year was finished.
  2. What was George McNab's reaction to the guest?
    • He went upstairs and told the others to let him know when Mars Bar left.  He referred to Mars Bar as "it."
  3. What happened after one of the Cobras jumped through the hole from the second floor?
    • He landed behind Mars Bar.  Mars Bar wanted to charge the boy, but Maniac held him back.  John McNab and Mars Bar traded insults.  Maniac dragged Mars Bar out.
  4. What miracle had happened while the boys were at the party?
    • Maniac realized he was proud of Mars Bar for not showing his fear.
  5. Where did Maniac stay at night, now that he was not staying at the McNab house?  What did he do during the day?
    • He slept in the park, in the buffalo shed, the band shell.  He started staying in a different backyard each night.  During the day he read in the library or played in the park.  He often went to the Pickwell house for dinner.
  6. Who started running with Maniac?  Describe the way they ran.
    • Mars Bar began running.  They met in alleys or intersections.  They started running the same route for a block or two, and increased the time they ran together.  They pretended not to see each other, but kept their pace the same.
  7.  Describe the meeting with Piper and Russell.
    • Russell was stuck out on the trolley trestle over the river.  There was a trolley about twenty feet from him.  Piper asked Maniac and Mars Bar to save Russell.  Maniac left the platform and walked away.
  8. Two days later, Mars Bar visited Maniac and asked him why he didn't try to rescue Russell.  What was Maniac's answer?  What was Mars Bar's reaction?
    • He told Mars Bar the story of his parents' death.  Mars Bar said he knew Maniac was not scared.
  9. What happened to Russell?
    • Mars Bar rescued him and took both boys to his home.  His mother dried them off and they stayed and played for the day.  Mr. Thompson took them home that night.
  10. What did Mars Bar invite Maniac to do?  What was Maniac's answer?
    1. Mars Bar invited Maniac to stay at his home for a while.  Maniac said he couldn't.  Then he ran away.
  11. How did the story end?
    • Mars Bar woke Amanda and took her with him to the buffalo pen.  She woke Maniac and told him he was coming home with her.  He tried to refuse, but she insisted.
  12. How did Maniac feel at the end of the book?
    • He was content.  he knew he was really going home.


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