Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Maniac Magee Vocabulary - Chapters 1-11

Hi 6th Grade!

I hope you are enjoyin Maniac Magee!  I love this story!!  Below are the vocabulary words for Chapters 1-11.  Use your study guide to help you learn these new words!!  Remember, our goal is to learn the new words and incorporate them into our everyday lives; not to memorize them and forget them!  Using strong vocabulary makes you look well-educated and intelligent...embrace these new words!!

God bless,
Mrs. Murphy

  • maniac
  • accurate
  • lunging
  • obvious
  • crammed
  • commotion
  • infamous
  • wretch
  • blundering
  • hoisted
  • scanned
  • flinched
  • pandemonium
  • lurching
  • conclusions
  • instincts
  • fatal
  • finicky
  • cringed
  • scowling

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